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More About Me

For years, I considered writing a memoir depicting the numerous trials and tribulations experienced during the course of my life. From early childhood trauma to forging a successful career in Toronto’s financial sector during a time where misogyny, inequality and sexism were pervasive; my tales are too numerous to tell. 

What changed…

In February 2020 the world as we knew it changed with the arrival of the global pandemic (SARs CoV-2). With everyone in lockdown, writing became my safe haven. I got lost in the creative process allowing my stories to unfold into short, witty, lyrical poems. Eventually, this collection of poems gave birth to my very first book “Accidental Poetess”. 

Where it began…

I am the middle child and only girl of a family of five. Although I was born in Fort Erie, I was raised in the small picturesque northern town of Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. 

Here we are…

I currently reside in Peterborough, Ontario with my husband, spending spring through fall enjoying our place on Upper Buckhorn Lake in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes Region.


As a recent retiree my time is spent volunteering, writing poetry and exploring the world, creating memories, enjoying each new adventure while drawing inspiration from my collected experiences.