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Accidental Poetess

Accidental Poetess covers topics from covid and politics to relationships and community. It is an urbane, intentional exploration between poetry & life as we know. 

It  takes you for a walk down memory lane, provides insight and hope during the global pandemic crisis and raises awareness about the dire need for both emotional & spiritual wellness. 

The poems within are funny, riveting, reflective and sobering, a must-read!

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The cover of the book Accidental Poetess written by Kathy Sherban

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Editor's Manuscript Evaluation

Accidental Poetess is a whip-smart, fast-paced collection of modern poetry.
It covers the gamut of topics from covid and politics to relationships and community.
There's something for everyone in this urbane, intentional exploration between poetry and life as we know it.



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I recognized Kathy’s fiery passion early in our friendship, so I wasn’t at all shocked when I began reading her poetry. Her courage and enthusiasm exude in her writing, especially in the face of adversity! Accidental Poetess captured my immediate attention, leaving me excited to read more of her work!

Cindy Huggins-Deveau
Author, Brave Girl